Two dogs frightened by fireworks

Two dogs frightened by fireworks


Two dogs died and another went missing after being frightened by fireworks on Bonfire Night last week.

Every year on Guy Fawkes Night, dog owners have to contend with the noise of fireworks that can scare their beloved pets.

Sadly, this year some dog owners have been left devastated by their pets’ deaths, and they blame the loud celebrations for their dogs passing away.

In North Yorkshire, a Staffordshire bull terrier and Labrador cross named Dexter died after collapsing on his owner’s bathroom floor.

His owner attempted to resuscitate “terrified” 10-year-old Dexter and give him mouth to mouth, but the beloved dog died.

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Owners Judith and Malcolm Watson told the MailOnline that a huge bang caused Dexter to run out of the room and into the bathroom where he was found collapsed.

Judith explained: “I thought he was just in there trembling at first but he was laid flat out on the floor.

“Then I realised he had gone. I don’t know exactly where dogs’ hearts are but I tried pressing his chest and blowing into his mouth.

“But it was so quick and there was nothing I could do to bring him back.”

According to the owner of another dog, a one-year-old puppy died because it was so scared of the noise of fireworks.

The dog’s owner Jeff Hull said his young Lhassa Apso puppy suffered a seizure that caused its heart to stop beating.

In Kent, a Japanese Akita was found nearly 10 miles down the coast from its home after having run into the sea at Leysdown-on-Sea as it was scared by fireworks.

Thankfully, the nine-year-old dog was found on the coast of Whistable looking exhausted and shivering, but alive.

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