Special radio broadcast will soothe anxious pets during Bonfire Night fireworks

Special radio broadcast will soothe anxious pets during Bonfire Night fireworks

Fireworks are exciting spectacles for most people, but our four-legged friends typically aren’t so enthused.

As Bonfire Night is officially upon us, we can expect to see and hear pyrotechnic displays across the country.

To combat the anxiety our pets may feel as fireworks fizz, bang, and pop this weekend, Classic FM will broadcast special programmes with soothing content for anxious animals and their owners.

Hosted by presenter and rescue dog owner Charlotte Hawkins and supported by the RSPCA, the special programmes will be broadcast from 6 pm to 10 pm tonight and tomorrow.

Classic FM promises soothing classical music and practical advice from the RSPCA.

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Tunes from animal-loving composers will also feature, including Rêverie by cat lover Claude Debussy who is said to have had a number of feline friends who would “help” him by walking across his piano as he worked.

Charlotte Hawkins said it’s a privilege to host the special broadcasts this weekend, adding: “It will be wonderful to introduce classical music to a whole new audience, especially the four-legged variety. I know there will be one new listener tuning in – my rescue dog, Bailey, who will be 17 years old on Bonfire Night!”

The RSPCA advises dog owners to walk their dogs during the daylight hours and muffle the popping sounds of the fireworks by closing the curtains and putting on some music or the TV.

Cat owners should consider keeping their felines inside, and provide ample “hiding spaces” for them to retreat to.

By next Bonfire Night, DogTV will have had its official UK launch. Until then, they will hopefully enjoy listening to the radio this weekend.

For more advice on keeping your pets calm this weekend, visit the RSPCA’s website.

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