It was the end of an era on Friday when Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's right-hand man, quit Downing Street.

This comes amid days of speculation that Cummings would be leaving following a dispute over the resignation of his close ally and former member of the Vote Leave campaign Lee Cain.

Conflicting reports suggest that Cummings has quit with immediate effect whereas others say that he and Cain will stay in their jobs until mid-December.

Speculation will continue to grow as to what eventually led to Cummings leaving Downing Street but he has reportedly been temporarily replaced by Lord Lister.

Regardless of this, a bizarre moment occurred on Friday evening when Cummings marched out of the front door of Downing Street carrying a box of his belongings.

Soon enough, Twitter, which oddly stops Cummings from trending because of his surname, was awash with remarks about his departure. 'Dominic Goings' was very popular.

The footage also provided some with the opportunity to give Cummings a different soundtrack.

Also, what was in the box?

Of course, there were a few mentions of his infamous trip to Barnard Castle to test his 'eye-sight,' perhaps the biggest scandal of the first UK lockdown of the pandemic.

Who knows where his next job will be or what form we'll see him in next but we'll always have those Daily Star front covers.

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