Dominic Raab, one of the leading architects of Brexit, has – seemingly without a trace of irony – just referred to "our European friends", and how important it is to "bring them together" with our "American and North American friends".

Yes, it's as nonsensical as it seems, but let's break it down.

It all began with a question about Nato on Sky's Sophy Ridge on Sunday show.

She asked whether Raab agreed with Emmanuel Macron that Nato is "braindead", to which he replied that he does not agree with such an "analysis".

He did say that there were "issues" with Nato, but continued:

The answer is to reform it and strengthen it...

So far, so not ridiculous. And then, unfortunately, he kept going.

...and to bring together our French friends, our German friends, our European friends across the board, with our American and North American friends.

It seems that the former Brexit secretary thinks he has a lot of friends in Europe, especially for someone who's had a four-year "you can't sit with us" moment with the whole of the EU.

We can only assume that by "American and North American friends", Raab actually means Donald Trump... although perhaps also Canada.

(They are, after all, the only two countries on the continent which are even part of Nato.)

Remarkably, he didn't even stop there.

"We don't just want to bring this country together," said the man who was on the committee of one of the most divisive referendum campaigns in history.

And then...

We want the UK to be bringing other countries together!

Without wanting to be too shady, the guy can't even manage to bring his own party together, much less a country. So perhaps that would be a good place to start before meddling in everyone else's business?

Just a thought.

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