On Sunday morning, Boris Johnson made a highly anticipated appearance on The Andrew Marr Show, an interview that was scheduled after Friday's terrorist attack on London Bridge.

The interview had been disputed for several days as the Tories had reportedly only put forward Johnson for the interview with Marr after they had attempted to skip an interview with Andrew Neil.

However, after the attack on London Bridge, where two members of the public were killed, Johnson agreed to the interview, which proved to be quite the spectacle.

Although Marr isn't known for delivering a grilling in the same way that Andrew Neil can, the prime minister often looked completely flustered during the discussion. Perhaps it didn't help that he was almost late.

Once they got down to it, people were shocked to hear what Johnson was saying, with many branding him a 'liar' after making claims about several important topics.

His take on the Brexit deal also raised eyebrows.

Others were just shocked at how badly Johnson performed, in what shouldn't have been a difficult interview.

And yes, you can bet that there were jokes. Lots of jokes.

And after all that, he seemingly agreed to do the Andrew Neil interview. Goodness...

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