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Don Lemon made an offer to the president, calling on him to apologise first over the Jemele Hill remarks.

ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called the President of the United States Donald Trump a 'white supremacist', in response to a discussion about Kid Rock's possible run for Senate.

Hill made the comment in a tweet on Tuesday.

The Trump Administration, ever at war with ESPN's sister network CNN, launched into defensive mode.

White Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called Hill's words a 'fireable offence'.

Then on Friday, President Trump said ESPN should 'apologise for untruth'.

CNN host Don Lemon was asked by TMZ if he thought Hill should apologise.

In response, Lemon said why he thinks the President should go first.

I think when the president worked for NBC at 'The Apprentice,' and he said that Barack Obama was not born here, and he called Barack Obama racist, if he apologises for that, then maybe ESPN should apologise.

The clip of Lemon, which appears to have been recorded in public, was shared by TMZ on Sunday evening.


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