Free runners climb to top of world's tallest construction site without safety ropes

Those who suffer from vertigo may want to look away now. Free runners Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov climbed to the top of a 660m tower in China just for the fun of it.

The pair, who run the website On The Roofs, took to the Ping An International Finance Centre in Shenzhen - which will become the second tallest building in the world when it is completed - without any safety ropes.

Armed with GoPro cameras, the pair sneak onto the construction site and make their way to the top of the skyscraper's metal frame with the wind audibly swirling around them. Gulp. If you're crazy enough to consider doing this yourself, we have a message for you: Stop. Right. Now.

They're not the only adrenalin junkies creating headlines this week however. A video of another free runner - Oleg Sherstyachenko - jumping between pillars on top of a hotel in Dubai has been widely shared from his Instagram page.

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