Trump just tweeted a picture of a 'real fan' hating on 'snowflakes' and the irony missed no one

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Friday 24 January 2020 14:15

You would think that being on trial might make most people chill out a bit on Twitter, and while that's likely true of most, not so the president.

Trump decided yesterday that the perfect use of his time was to tweet a picture of a "real fan" whose snow plough is emblazoned what is presumably supposed to be a witty slogan:

First of all, it's a little worrying that the president seems to think that pushing people aside is a good way of dealing with a difference of opinion. But perhaps more confusingly, it's unclear what this fan actually means by "snowflake".

The term is sometimes used to describe millennials (and perhaps Gen-Zers too), due to our ostensibly over-sensitive nature.

In reality, the label has attached itself to those who focus on issues of identity politics and social justice. Because to boomers, the idea that people's lived experiences should be amplified in order to make the world a fairer place, is just SO over the top.

Not just that, but the president effectively calling anyone else a snowflake is laughable given his ridiculously thin skin, victim complex and delusions of grandeur.

Many people pointed this out:

As well as offering some perspective on what the actual important issues are.

And, because there's always one:

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