Donald Trump accused of reading out 'Poland's Wikipedia page' to crowd in Poland


US President Donald Trump has been accused of basically 'reading Poland's Wikipedia page' during a speech in Warsaw today.

The 71-year-old is currently on an official visit to the European nation ahead of further meetings with the G20 in Hamburg.

However, his speech in Warsaw was a little peculiar.

Speaking in the historic Krasinski Square, Trump seemed to many observers to be merely reciting the history of Poland to a bunch of people who were probably quite familiar with it.

After a rousing couple of lines detailing the unique relationship between the US and Poland, Trump literally began talking about Poland's history.

It started with him stating how old the country was, how long they have had their borders and even their geographical location.

This is a nation more than 1000 years old, whose borders were erased and restored less than a century ago

He then moved onto to their conflicts with the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany describing it as 'very tough.'

A vibrant Jewish population, the largest in Europe, was reduced to almost nothing after Nazis systematically murdered Polish Jewish citizens, along with countless others during a brutal occupation.

Trump thanked the Poles for their endurance and struggle in this time and how their spirit has survived.

Beyond World War II he spoke about how the Polish people overthrew their former Communist government and praised how the Polish people have always prevailed.

For those in attendance the speech seemed to go down quite well but in reality it was nothing that couldn't be found in a history book.

Elsewhere, people weren't particularly impressed.

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