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Trump supporters, at least what's left of them, are seemingly willing to go to great lengths in order to back their president.

With the border wall dispute rumbling on, leaving the US government in what feels like a never-ending shutdown, leaving thousands of federal workers unpaid it would seem like even the most loyal Trump fan would have difficulty backing the president right now.

However, as the old saying goes, 'there is always one,' and this was proven in a recent Ask Reddit discussion where government employees who voted for Trump were asked to give their honest opinions of the president in 2019.

One person, who didn't specify what branch of the government they worked in, tried to support Trump's wall by concocting a long-winded analogy about the price of the wall in comparison to the overall government budget.

Imagine you make 44K a year after taxes. Your significant other lives at home and doesn't work. You say you want to take $55 out of the yearly budget to build a fence to keep your neighbour, who likes to come into your yard and pick food from your garden, off your property.

Your significant other says no, that's too much money. Then says that they won't cook, clean, take the kids to school, give the kids their allowance, or otherwise do anything around the house until you throw out the idea of spreading that $55 on a fence.

They weren't done there and neatly tried to wrap up the analogy.

This is essentially the shutdown, Trump and his supporters, want to take 5.5 billion out of the 4.4 trillion dollar budget to build a wall.

That's nothing on the budget. It's equivalent to $55 out of $44,000. And the Democrats are throwing a bitch fit saying that they won't cooperate or compromise, or do their damn jobs at all, until he drops it. 

And the kids, the US citizens, are getting screwed in the process. 

Whilst this may have made perfect sense to them on paper but as one commenter proved this analogy didn't hold water as it was quickly pointed out that the money could be used for things that are a lot more important than a wall, which almost definitely won't work.

Using their own analogy against them, the commenter wrote:

Imagine you make $44k after taxes, but you're $300k in debt. You want to spend $55 on a fence to keep your neighbour out, but your fence contains a giant loophole in the middle so it will never work.

Also, your kids are on drugs, there are criminals in your attic, you promised your wife a trip to the doctor, but when she asked you cancelled her insurance, called it a repeal-and-replace, and refuse to spend any more money on her because you're $300k in debt.

This epic clap back has since been captured and shared on the MurderedByWords subreddit has already received more than 6.3 upvotes.

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