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Sources close to Donald Trump's administration have told Reuters the President wants to revamp and rename an existing counter-violent extremism programme and for it to hone in on just radical Islamism.

The current Countering Violent Extremism programme targets group and lone attackers, and those considered a potential threat and. Its main aim is to deter attackers through education and information campaigns.

The reported decision to focus solely on radical Islam appears to be made just days after an executive order was put into place to ban travel to the US for a number of predominantly Muslim states.

In response to this, people have been sharing this graphic, showing the number of Americans killed annually by terrorist attacks, compared to other accidents.

The table, originally created by Huffington Post, looks at average causes of death in America over 10 years.

It shows that Islamic jihadist terrorists (including US citizens) were responsible for the deaths of nine Americans, compared to five by far right-wing terrorists.

This compares to the 21 people killed by armed toddlers, 31 by lightening, 69 by lawnmowers and 737 falling out of bed.

There’s also the fact that of the 12 terrorists to commit deadly attacks in the US since 9/11, all were US citizens or legal permanent residents of the US at the time of the attack.

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