All the times Donald Trump used a 'credible source' to back up his argument

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Once again the Trump administration is being dogged by accusations of collusion with the Russian Government in the run up to the 2016 Presidential election.

The latest chapter in the book of worrying evidence features a meeting between Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr, and a Russian Lawyer connected to the Kremlin.

The New York Times reported Monday that Mr Trump Jr received an email with information promising compromising information on Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

The email was sent by publicist Rob Goldstone, who reportedly helped broker the meeting between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer.

Trump Jr, for the sake of 'clarity', tweeted the suspect emails from his account along with a statement.

Defending his son, also on Twitter, Donald senior remarked that this was the "greatest witch hunt in political history."

Mr Trump then asked his followers to remember that when they hear the words "sources say from the Fake Media," often these sources are made up and don't exist.

Which is rather fascinating, as (judging from Mr Trump's Twitter history) he is quite a big fan of unnamed sources.

There was the time an "'extremely credible source'" told him that Barack Obama had applied to Occidental as a foreign student.

Then there was the time an "'extremeley credible source'" called his office to say Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fraud... It wasn't.

There was another "'extremely credible source'" that said Barack Obama had bought his house with the help of Ton Rezko. He hadn't.

A "'confidential source'" told him that Barack Obama had added six trillion to the new national debt and ruined US credit.

And there was the time he tweeted about Fox News' sources.

Then there were all the times he complained about other people's sources.

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