The photo that proves Donald Trump has a disregard for democracy

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Donald Trump isn't even in the White House yet and he has already made some pretty questionable political decisions.

He's pledged to scrap NASA's climate change research funding because it's 'too politicised', made some interesting cabinet member choices and some argue that he's 'antagonising' China.

And the questionable decisions just keep coming.

Trump held a meeting yesterday with tech executives from Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft and other Silicon Valley heavyweights.

Judd Legum, editor of news website Think Progress, tweeted this photo and pointed out the big problem with it:

Legum explains that Trump has promised he'll hand over his businesses to his children when he becomes president (but has been vague about the details). Then he invites said children; namely Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric, to the meeing with the tech giants.

In other words, it appears to even the untrained eye that Trump is using his postion of power to further his own business interests, which isn't very presidential.

Many other Twitter users agreed that it was an 'assault' on democracy:

And Christina Wilkie, White House correspondent for the Huffington Post, tweeted another problem.

Trump told the CEOs:

I’m here to help you folks do well.

Anything we can do to help this go on and really be there for you, then you’ll call my people, you’ll call me, it doesn’t make any difference. 

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