Trump once interviewed Ivanka and Donald Jr about how great they thought he was and it is seriously weird

Trump once interviewed Ivanka and Donald Jr about how great they thought he was and it is seriously weird

Donald Trump's relationship with his two oldest children is one of the weirdest and most uncomfortable things about his entire character and ego.

He's reportedly said some very disturbing things about Ivanka, while Donald Trump Jr has a rather unhealthy obsession with his dear old dad.

The pair, who are 40 and 37 respectively, have worked for their dad for most of their adult lives, and they have virtually been indoctrinated into his ideology since day one.

That ideology is that Trump is the best and most amazing businessman/person that has ever existed and his advice is gospel.

If you needed further proof of this, then look no further than this very odd interview that Trump did for Forbes in 2006, where he basically asked Ivanka and Donald Jr questions about how good he is.

One particular highlight is the question the current president asks at 1:47.

What don't you know that you would like me to teach you?

Ivanka is the first to reply and showers praise on her father.

For me personally, what I admire the most about you, people say you are a great marketer, you are great at putting your name out there, you're a great brander, all of which is true but you don't spend stupid money.

You don't spend 800 dollars on glossy brochures to hand to everyone that walks in the door. You build a great product.

We're not so sure that 'product' looks so good now - and that claim about not spending 'stupid money' doesn't look too hot either.

Trump Jr then chimes in with this.

I've been fortunate enough to do this for you for a couple of years and see a lot of projects through. A lot of what Ivanka says holds true. You know; the Chicago loan documents, a billion dollar transaction or Vegas, the same thing. 

We can pour through these things 18 - 20 hours a day and I'll bring them to you after a couple of weeks and the three points that no one is really sure or the three major issues or the first things that you say in four seconds, it's amazing that you have that ability to perceive through sheer grunt experience having done it a thousand times.

Trump appeared to really enjoy those words of praise and thanked them both.

Well, thank you very much. I like that answer very much. I like both of those answers.

Sorry, excuse us while we throw up.

A clip of this 12-year-old interview has been shared on Twitter by prolific Trump critic shauna, and people are pretty creeped out by what they saw.

At one point, Ivanka describes her dad's projects as the 'sexiest out there' - which was a little too much for some people.

The entire clip is six minutes long and if you can get to the end, you're a brave, brave person.

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