Donald Jr mocks Alec Baldwin and says his wife Hilaria is a ‘basic white girl’ who ‘pretends to be Spanish’

Donald Jr mocks Alec Baldwin and says his wife Hilaria is a ‘basic white girl’ who ‘pretends to be Spanish’

Donald Trump Jr. mocked Alec Baldwin and called out his wife on Twitter after she was accused of pretending to be Spanish.

Rumours circulated on social media that Hilaria Baldwin was actually called Hillary, had lied about being born in Spain and was “faking” her Spanish accent.

Hilaria’s profile on the talent agency CAA’s website listed her as having been born in Mallorca, Spain and a clip where she appeared to forget how to say cucumber in English resurfaced. 

Baldwin has since spoken out to confirm she was named Hillary and born in Boston, but said she had also spent parts of her childhood in Spain and grew up speaking both languages.

The son of the president tweeted: “Alec Baldwin should play Alec Baldwin when SNL parodies his wife pretending she’s Spanish for the last few decades as opposed to the basic white girl from Mass that she actually is.

“It would be the first funny thing Saturday Night Live has produced in years.”

Hilaria addressed the allegations on Instagram earlier in the week, saying she used the name Hillary when growing up in the USA, and went by Hilaria in Spain, but that it became easier to consolidate the two: “I identify more as Hilaria because that’s what my family calls me”.

She added that her and husband Alec Baldwin celebrate both cultures in their home and are raising their children to be bilingual as she was.

In response to Trump Jr.’s tweet, some users said they had been enjoying Alec Baldwin’s impressions of the President and parodies of the first family.

Several called for a focus on the coronavirus pandemic and Trump’s handling of the crisis.

But others said they would look forward to a skit on Alec and Hilaria Baldwin.

Alec’s daughter Ireland recently defended her stepmother on Instagram, calling the rumours “sad and pathetic” and telling her followers there are more important things to focus on at this time. 

Baldwin also backed his wife in a video which did not explicitly reference the allegations. 

He said: “There's things that have been said lately about people that I love, that I care about deeply, which are ridiculous. I mean, just ridiculous."

Hilaria Baldwin claimed she previously avoided detailing her upbringing to protect her parents from media attention but that she had tried to clarify misunderstandings about her background in the past.

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