Donald Trump Jr shares tweet calling Robert Mueller 'mentally retarded'

During yesterday's testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller to Congress, Donald Trump Jr found himself in hot water after retweeting a conservative author that used derogatory words to criticise Mueller.

Dinesh D'Souza, who has written books comparing the left-wing politics to Nazism and has also made documentaries denouncing the likes of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, is unsurprisingly a Trump supporter.

While the testimony was happening, D'Souza took to Twitter to complain about a moment when Mueller admitted to not being familiar with Fusion GPS, a firm whose opposition research to Mueller's investigation alleged that Trump had connections to Russia.

His confusion to this fact took Mueller by surprise but D'Souza used this as an excuse to lambaste him and suggested that 'Republicans have kidnapped the real Robert Mueller and substituted a mentally retarded look-alike in his place?'

It's hardly the most pleasant thing that's ever been said on Twitter but D'Souza probably didn't anticipate his post being retweeted by the son of the president, who probably didn't think about the implications of sharing a tweet featuring such language.

Trump Jr also implied in his tweet that Mueller was lying about having no knowledge of Fusion GPS.

Although, Trump Jr didn't use any words to directly insult Mueller, the fact that he retweeted a post which attacked a man who investigated his own father and called him 'mentally retarded' saw him and D'Souza criticised for lacking any judgement.

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