Last month, the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, was criticised for eating in the restaurant of celebrity chef 'Salt Bae' while millions in his country continue to go hungry.

Now another controversial figure, who has connections to a world leader, is being ridiculed for dining in a Salt Bae restaurant.

Donald Trump Jr, who is basically a walking meme at this point, went to the Turkish chef's restaurant in New York City and shared a video of the man himself, real name NusretGokce, in action on Instagram.

Trump Jr doesn't appear in the video but you can hear him compliment Salt Bae at the end of the clip.

The president's son was clearly very excited to be eating the steak that had just been served up to him, but he probably didn't expect to receive such a backlash.

Many of his followers seemed appalled at the thought of Trump Jr eating the food of a chef that was quite happy to entertain a 'socialist dictator' less than a month ago.

Comments on his Instagram feed ranged from:

Poor choice or selection of a restaurant, how can you support someone that supports the criminal thug of Venezuela?


This guy is a communist. Don't promote this filth.

Most of the comments are along these lines, with many people appearing to be Trump supporters who seem disheartened that the son of their leader would be seen with someone who possibly has different political opinions to them.

Although Salt Bae appears to be somewhat engaged with Turkish politics, it's not clear what his political leanings are, but last year he did pose next to a picture of Fidel Castro.

Regardless, Trump Jr continued to receive more criticism on Twitter, with a view users tagging Marco Rubio in their tweets after the senator slammed Maduro for eating in Salt Bae's restaurant last month.

It's possible that Trump Jr doesn't care about the rhetoric that he has created as it's obvious that he is a big fan of Salt Bae. The president's son has been sharing meme's of Salt Bae for years and has even compared himself to the chef.

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