Widow begs Trump Jr. not to use dead husband's photo to drive conspiracy theory

Louis Staples
Thursday 20 September 2018 09:45

Donald Trump Jr. is almost as prone to social media blunders as his father.

This week, the wife of CNN crew member Douglas Thomas asked the president’s son to stop using an old image of her deceased husband to push a right-wing propaganda.

The image is ten years old, taken when Hurricane Ike hit Texas in 2008, but was posted by Trump Jr. to lambaste Thomas’ former employer.

Presenter Anderson Cooper can be seen standing in deep flood water several feet in front crew member Thomas, who is in much shallower water.

Trump Jr. accused the network of “lying” about the severity of Hurricane Florence to make his father “look bad”.

Thomas’s wife said that using this image was “disrespectful”, explaining that her husband, who worked for CNN for 26 years, had passed away last year.

She said:

No one has to lie to make you or @realDonaldTrump look bad. You easily do that on your own. Don’t use images of this man who was loved by many and is missed by even more.

Trump Jr. is yet to delete or retract his tweet. This comes after his father stated, without evidence, that the death toll from Hurricane Maria, which ravaged Puerto Rico last year killing almost 3,000 people, had been exaggerated to make him look bad.

H/T: Daily Dot

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