Donald Trump Jr and Robert Mueller were spotted at the airport together and it became a meme

Saul Loed/ AFP/ Pool/ Reuters

Isn't that always the way it goes? You are hoping to get away somewhere and you bump into the last person you wanted to see.

It can ruin your entire day but hopefully, no one was around to see it or turn it into a meme. Imagine that? It would be awful.

Imagine then that you are the son of a president that is currently under investigation for cooperating with Russia to win an election and you just happen to see the man investigating your father at an airport terminal.

That's exactly what happened to Donald Trump Jr when he found himself at the same gate as Robert Mueller, just hours after it was revealed that Michael Cohen claimed that Trump knew about a meeting in Trump Tower with Russians in 2016 who were prepared to offer his campaign information on Hillary Clinton. It was also alleged that the meeting had been set up via a Russia intermediary who had made contact with Trump Jr over email.

With this circulating in the news, you can imagine that Mueller surfacing right in front of Trump Jr, was probably his worst nightmare. An image of a casually dressed Trump Jr standing just meters behind Mueller, who was reading a newspaper, was snapped by Politico and shared on Twitter.

The timing of all of this was just too good to be true and although it has not been confirmed if they were both on the same flight or if they had even spotted each other, it didn't stop Twitter turning the image into a hilarious meme.

Here are some of our favourite takes:

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