Donald Trump Jr posted a fake graphic of his father's approval rating on Instagram

Shannon Finney/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr hasn't had the best few weeks on social media.

The son of the president has been the subject of numerous memes.

Be it either a horribly airbrushed photograph with his girlfriend or an awkward encounter with Robert Mueller at an airport gate, he really has been the butt of many jokes.

We would say that 'our heart bleeds' for him but let's be honest, it's Donald Trump Jr. The man was practically born putting his foot in it and low and behold he's done it again.

The 40-year-old who is clearly very proud of his dad loves nothing more than sharing memes and 'facts' about his old man but evidence suggests that he should do a bit more research before he starts clicking around on the internet.

On Thursday evening he allegedly posted an image on his Instagram account of Trump's approval rating in comparison to Obama's at this point in their respective presidencies.

In the 'job approval' category Trump was polling at 50 per cent, whereas Obama was only at 45 per cent. As you may have already guessed, those figures are completely false.

The reality for the Trumps is that the president is currently at 39 per cent on job approval. On closer inspection, it's not even that good of a Photoshop job but we're probably expecting too much of Trump Jr to have him notice that.

To his credit, Trump Jr has since deleted the post and now appears to be off for an adventure in the woods.

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