In an attempt to solve the debate surrounding statues of problematic figures from the past, Donald Trump Jr has suggested that they all be replaced with monuments of his father.

Statues across the world of slave traders have slowly begun to be removed as to not celebrate their history of racism. The United States has also seen similar scenes with statues of confederate generals and individuals like Christopher Columbus being torn down by protestors. This has caused a debate in the US (and worldwide) with conservatives complaining that the country's history should be "protected".

Believing that he had a solution to this, Trump Jr has said, without any apparent irony, that any monuments that are removed should be replaced with a sturdy statue of Donald Trump, adding that 'the nonsense would stop instantly.'

It is possible that Trump Jr is trolling people here but then again he could be completely serious. Either way, his idea has been greeted with great enthusiasm as people would probably queue up to tear down a statue of Trump and dump it into a river.

Also, Trump Jr seems to have forgotten that there have already been statues of his father, albeit not very flattering ones.

This comes shortly after Trump threatened anti-racism protesters with 10 years in jail if they pull down statues of Confederate generals from the US civil war.

On Tuesday, police stopped protesters from pulling down the statue of Andrew Jackson near the White House. Jackson was the seventh president of the United States, whose populist policies have been compared to Trump and has long been a source of criticism from Native Americans for signing the 1830 Indian Removal Act which forced many Native American's from their homes and land.

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