Justin Trudeau's face when shaking Trump's hand speaks for the world

Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

Last week, Japanese Prime Minister Abe endured a painfully awkward 19-second-long handshake with Donald Trump, while meeting the new US President for the first time.

Man, his face when Trump finally let go.

Yesterday, it was the turn of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet with Trump.

Trudeau disagrees with Trump on a wide variety of issues, including immigration and climate change. Also, he’s kind of a dreamboat and the internet is in love with him.

He’s basically the complete opposite of Trump.

Here he is doing yoga in the office.

So the world’s eyes were on how Trump and Trudeau would react to each other, and in particular their first handshake.

Trudeau's face summed it up:

Picture: Picture: Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

It instantly became a meme.

We feel you, Justin.

Here's the handshake in full.

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