This artist put Donald Trump quotes on sexist 1950s advertising posters

Saint Hoax

Saint Hoax is a Syrian artist whose satirical, political visual manipulations provide a snapshot controversial current issues.

In the latest manifestation of social criticism, the artist took vintage posters from the 1950s and printed things that Donald Trump was reported to have said about women in the past.

indy100 spoke to Saint Hoax about the series.


Last year on International Women’s Day, I published my ‘Once Upon A War’ campaign which featured Syrian refugees dressed up as Disney princesses.


For 2017, Saint Hoax was working on a project inspired by 1950s misogynistic advertisements, and noticed the growing similarities between the posters’ sentiments and Donald Trump’s comments about women.

As I was researching those ads, I couldn't stop comparing them to Trump's sexist remarks about women.


I decided to match the visuals with sexist Trump quotes and turn them into an awareness/art project that would be published on International Women's Day.



The vintage advertisements work well with Donald Trump’s sourced quotes, and Saint Hoax agrees, calling misogyny “the common factor”.

The way women are represented in the media has shifted drastically since these advertisements were initially published. Sadly, Donald Trump is trying to take America back to the "Mad Men" era.


I'm hoping that these posters would make people realize that Trump's ‘locker room talk’ is extremely dangerous especially now since he is the president of the United States and he's ‘supposed’ to be representing one of the most feminist countries in the world.


What does Saint Hoax make of the next four years in the US?

Putting his sexism and racism aside, my biggest problem with Trump is how ego-driven he is. This is an extremely dangerous trait. Putting a man like him in a position of power could lead to tragic consequences.


There's a lot of talk about impeachment, but I'm not sure how long this process would take. I'm hoping not too long though.




And who would Saint Hoax vote for, if they could choose anyone?

Michelle Obama.

You can view Saint Hoax' other works, which have been exhibited in galleries in New York, Bangkok, Florida, Singapore and Beirut, here.

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