These are the first 6 things Donald Trump will do as president (according to Fox News)
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In his first television interview following his victory, President-elect Donald Trump appears to have softened his stance on a number of key campaign promises: he will not be completely repealing Obamacare, and he seems disinterested in ‘punishing’ Hillary Clinton for the FBI emails scandal despite it being a cornerstone of his campaign.

Untried and untested as a politician, pundits and academics alike have been trying to predict how his first one hundred days in office will look like, and the type of policies he will be pushing for.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has a lot to say about it. In the latest episode of The Sean Hannity Show, he outlined the six moves he thinks Trump should start with:

Picture: Fox News/YouTube

1. Drain the Swamp

Hannity argued that Trump needs to reduce the government, and put term limits for congress.

2. Say ‘radical Islam’

Identify our enemies for who they are – say the words ‘radical Islam’ which I know you will.

3. Extreme vetting

Hannity encouraged Trump to halt the flow of 'refugees and migrants' who come from countries which hold "radical views that are the antithesis of our constitutional values". His argument seems to hinge on the theory of the 'Clash of Civilisations' - the idea that the West and the East are engaged in an inevitable conflict of ideas.

4. Education back to the states

The Fox News anchor's next order of business would be education regulated by the federal government.

I would start with the inner cities first: why? We have abandoned and hurt minority Americans. They have been disproportionately impacted – more than anybody else – especially with the bad education system.

5. Free and fair trade

No more cutting deals that negatively impact American workers and cause job losses here at home.

6. Remember the forgotten man

Finally, Hannity referred to the 'forgotten man', though he's unclear about who that is.

To me this election was about the forgotten man. If you create millions of jobs in places that put you in power – Pennsylvania, Ohio etc where industry is left and it decimated entire cities – to me that’s what the next four years will need to look like.

People on Twitter had other ideas...

And speculated on the identity of 'the forgotten man'

But basically...

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