These are the only people mad over that Trump advert

These are the only people mad over that Trump advert

NBC aired an advert from Donald Trump during Sunday Night Football which was widely decried as racist when it first popped up on Twitter.

The advert leans heavily on the fears over a caravan of migrants over a thousand miles away travelling to the U.S.-Mexico border, trying to essentially demonise all immigrants.

Not only was the advert abhorrently racist, the advert tried to tie the group to an immigrant convicted of murdering a police officer, which was proven to be entirely false.

Regardless of this, NBC went ahead and aired the advert to a massive football crowd mere days before the midterm elections and they've now announced they won't run the advert again.

NBC have followed suit with CNN and Facebook in pulling the advert.

This, for some bizarre reason triggered Trump's 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, to declare that NBC are instead siding with immigrants and not the U.S people.

Of course, despite all of this and the clear racism in the advert, little Trump Jr tweeted his defence of his father's advert, aiming at CNN for being 'fake news' because the advert 'doesn't suit their agenda'.

Trump Jr. and Parscale might come to regret their flagrant claims of 'fake news' when it came to light that even Fox News had decided to pull the advert.

That's right, either Fox News have decided to switch sides or the advert is really, truly disgustingly racist.

Which would seem that only the most die-hard Trump fans have no problem with the advert.

It really says a lot about an advert being too bad or racist that Fox News would also refuse to run it.

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