This conservative website tweeted 'Trump is going to hell' after getting hacked

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It's official, President Donald Trump is going right to hell.

At least, according to an incredibly out-of-character tweet from the conservative site Washington Examiner.

'Trump is going to hell,' the now-deleted post begins, and it just gets better and better from there:

Anyone who ever read the Bible can tell you where it stands on rich adulterers. The key to God's forgiveness is repentance. Trump's entire political career has been about the exact opposite of that.

Also this paper is garbage for promoting 'Trump and God'.

Clearly, unless someone had a strike of consciousness, something wasn't quite right here.

Even though the tweet was deleted the damage was done as the tweet lives on, immortalised in a screenshot. Naturally, people on Twitter were pretty fast to speculate just what happened:

The scathing anti-Trump tweet was published at 5:13 am, according to The Hill, and was subsequently taken down at around 7am.

To clear up the confusion (and hilarity) the Washington Examiner pinned a tweet they sent out claiming that their Twitter account was hacked.

That old chestnut.

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