Donald Trump's Megyn Kelly 'blood' comments just keep on getting worse and worse and worse

He may have dominated the Republican primary debate on Thursday, but Donald Trump is fast undoing his own hard work.

During the debate, Trump deflected a question from Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly about his sexism with, er, more sexism, and followed that up by appearing to support a description of Kelly as a "bimbo" and implying during a CNN interview that she gave him a grilling because she was on her period. Phew.

blood coming out of her wherever

The editor of the conservative blog was so appalled by Trump's comment he "disinvited" the candidate from a political event in Atlanta on Saturday (and invited Megyn Kelly to take his place):

Although, as many people on Twitter have pointed out, Erickson isn't exactly the font of political correctness himself:

Now Trump has responded to the response to his response with a quite batsh-t statement, which, when first sent out, wasn't even all in the same font:

With true presidential panache Trump calls Erickson a "total loser" whose event he didn't want to go to anyway. And "only a deviant" would ever have thought he didn't mean 'nose' when he said 'wherever', even though that's exactly what everyone thought.

Somehow, we are now living in a world where a Republican blogger and Megyn Kelly are the good guys. Only 15 months until the election to go...

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