Donald Trump says he carries a gun because he 'likes to be unpredictable'

Perhaps the most Trump-tastic moment from Wednesday night's Republican debate came when the property mogul was asked about gun control.

Trump was asked by one of the CNBC moderators about one of the latest shooting tragedies in the US, at a university in Oregon, which left 10 people dead. At the time he said that more guns would have helped the situation.

It also transpired that the GOP presidential hopeful would "feel safer" if his employees brought guns to work, and Donald Trump is licensed to carry a firm arm in the state of New York himself:

I do carry, on occasion. Sometimes a lot. I like to be unpredictable.

The billionaire went on to say that it's 'predictability' that makes the US vulnerable to enemies like Isis, and that:

Gun free zones are target practice for the sickos and the mentally ill.

If there's one thing we can safely predict, it's that Donald Trump will continue to say bats--t things no other 'politician' could get away with on a regular basis.

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