Picture: Tom Pennington/Getty
Picture: Tom Pennington/Getty

Donald Trump supporters have thus far proven themselves to possess a limited grasp of history and a penchant for racism.

But findings by FiveThirtyEight based on an analysis of exit poll data suggests something different, and perhaps 'true' Trump supporters have merely been keeping away from the squawking rally-crowd.

"Shy Trumpies": you heard it here first.

According to information collected from exit polls and the Census Bureau, the average household income of a Trump supporter is $72,000 (approx £50,000) which is over £10,000 more than the US national average.

It's well documented that Republicans tend to be more wealthy than their Democrat counterparts, so perhaps that shouldn't be so much of a surprise.

Slightly more shocking however, is that statistician Nate Silver found that 44 per cent of Trump voters have university degrees, compared to the US national average of 29 per cent.

Trump supporters... are more educated than the average American?

According to Forbes, 79 per cent of students are born into the top income quartile in the US, and only 11 per cent of people coming from low-income families are actually able to go to university.

More damningly, 55 per cent of bachelor’s degrees in the US are awarded to students from high income families.

Less than 10 per cent of degrees are completed by students with families from the lowest rung of the ladder.

Perhaps Bernie Sanders’ "controversial" words no longer seem so divisive...

Poor people don’t vote.

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