Trump's foreign policy decisions have become so dangerous that #TrumpGenocide is trending and it's no joke

Trump's foreign policy decisions have become so dangerous that #TrumpGenocide is trending and it's no joke

If you thought people tweeting about #TrumpGenocide were being a bit extra, think again. The genocide is not metaphoric; the hashtag isn't a joke.

Earlier this week, Trump announced he was withdrawing troops from the Syrian border - something which both Democrats and fellow Republicans agreed was absolutely bonkers because it leaves the region so much more vulnerable to Isis attacks.

As was kind of predicted, yesterday Turkey launched a military operation in northern Syria.

Basically, President Erdogan is trying to invade the country by coming for the Kurds, who the US is supposed to be allied with.

Even notorious Trump apple-polisher Lindsey Graham couldn't help but point out what an absolute carcrash of a foreign policy mess the president has got himself into.

Anyway, back to the hashtag.

So Trump holds a press conference, and starts ranting about how "the Kurds didn't help in Normandy".

Yep, the Normandy Landings that took place 75 years, four months and three days ago.

In sort-of response to the huge backlash, he tweeted that it's all fine because there are two captured Isis soldiers who have been taken into US custody to avoid them escaping.

This was literally posted at the same time as reports that eight people (five of whom were civilians) were killed and dozens more injured in the first day of the Turkish military operation.

And this is where #TrumpGenocide started trending, as people started to realise just how many lives could be lost due to Trump's seemingly impulsive, cruel and incredibly dangerous decision.

Many also took the opportunity to point out that Trump has business interests in Turkey, meaning any decision he makes is a potential conflict of interest.

To his credit, Floriday senator Marco Rubio pointed out that Kurdish fighters literally died so that US troops wouldn't have to.

It was an important point, but also somewhat insensitive (and very Trumpy) to talk about loss of life and "damage to our reputation" as though they were equivalent negative outcomes.

Trump (who is presumably sound asleep through this whole situation) has yet to follow up with any new deranged tweets - but the hashtag is still going strong.

We can only hope it turns out to be Twitter hyperbole after all.

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