This congressman may have figured out a way to get Trump's tax records

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Donald Trump’s tax records have been an on-going controversy since before he was even elected.

Despite repeated calls for him to make them public, he has so far refused. The President's strategist, Kellyanne Conway has said that he will not be releasing them, saying: “People don’t care.”

Now, however, a Democrat congressman thinks he may have found a way to force Trump into disclosing them.

New Jersey congressman Rep. Bill Pascrell wants to invoke a rarely used law from 1924, to examine Trumps tax returns for possible conflict of interest violations.

The law, as described by USA Today...

… Gives congressional committees that set tax policy the power to examine tax returns

Pascrell serves on the Ways and Means Committee and has requested that the committee’s chairman, Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, uses the law to make the Treasury Department provide them with Trump’s tax returns.

Brady’s office has not yet responded.

Rep. Bill PascrellRep. Bill Pascrell Picture: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Pascrell said it should be a bipartisan issue.

This isn’t for the Democrats or the Republicans, and it’s not to embarrass anybody.

This is to make sure the American people know the facts, and if there are conflicts, they need to be resolved.

The 1924 law has previously been used against a President – in 1974 it was used to investigate Richard Nixon’s tax returns.

HT: USA Today

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