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As his daughter gets ready to join him in the White House to do... We don't know what, Donald Trump tweeted a video praising women saying that they're essential in making America great again.

American women have shown extraordinary courage, wit and devotion

This generation stands on the shoulders of titans

We need to realise the full potential of women in order to Make America Great Again

Not unusual for Donald Trump, famous feminist and women's right activist, oh wait...

He's the guy that rated Apprentice contestants on their looks, bragged about grabbing women by the p***y, and has often body shamed women.

The irony hasn't been missed by Twitter users. William LeGate, founder of news-sharing app Ponder, tweeted an epic tirade at the President.

Referencing Trump's infamous "nobody respects women more than I do" comment during the debates LeGate aimed a series of tweets at Trump.

Other Twitter users pointed out some of Trump's more sexist comments in a series of photo tweets.

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