Donald Trump coloured in the American flag and appeared to give it a blue stripe

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If you need proof that Donald Trump's head might not be in the right place at the moment take a look at what happened when he visited a children's hospital in Ohio.

Although it's easy to accuse the president of a lot of misdemeanours and gaffs, we're pretty sure he knows what the American flag looks like.

Yet on Thursday, he, Melania Trump and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar visited the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio for a photo opp.

During their trip, Trump sat down with some kids and took part in the simple act of colouring in the American flag.

The 'Ol' Stars and Stripes' and 'The Red, White and Blue,' is arguably the most famous flag on the planet but for whatever reason Trump started to colour one of the stripes in blue and not red.

This might have gone unnoticed if Azar hadn't tweeted out a picture of Trump's colouring in job in his message about the opioid crisis.

Twitter immediately picked up on the error and they had theories as to what might have been going on.

It is possible that Trump may have been correcting a mistake made by the child or that he may have just been having a bit of fun.

However, we should point out that around a year ago Trump claiming that athletes who bent down on one knee during the national anthem were disrespecting the American flag.

We are not quite sure if colouring in the flag incorrectly directly translates as showing disrespect to the flag but either way, we can probably forgive him just this once as he definitely has bigger things on his plate right now.

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