The support that Donald Trump receives from Evangelical Christians in the United States is a curious thing to consider.

As reported by The Washington Post, exit polls from the 2016 Presidential election showed that 80 percent of white evangelicals were in favour of the Republican.

This was despite the revelations during the campaign about Trump's sexual misconduct towards women and opinions on other faiths, such as Islam.

Evangelical support for Trump hasn't subsided in the year since he entered the White House, where scandals have continued to dog the President.

Stories such as the President's alleged affair with the porn actress Stormy Daniels and derogatory remarks he has made about other countries have done little to dissuade members of that faith.

One evangelical, who is still firmly behind the President, is Christian Broadcasting Network journalist David Brody, who has written a new book titled The Faith of Donald J Trump: A Spiritual Biography.

Speaking to CNN's Chris Cuomo, Brody claims that the President is currently on a "spiritual journey" and goes into great detail to explain how Trump has displayed Christian values.

As the interview goes on, Brody presented his case in a confident manner, but he was caught off guard when Cuomo asked him if Trump regularly attended church.

The question startled Brody who gave a stuttering response:

Well he does, he goes to church. 

But let me tell you this...

To which Cuomo came back with:

We certainly don't have the Sunday church cams that we used to have.

Brody replied:

Please understand that he can come on himself and defend his church attendance.

Trump was raised as Presbyterian but has sparked controversy in the past by declaring that he has never sought forgiveness from God.

Watch the full interview with Brody in the video below.

HT The Washington Post

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