Trump allegedly faked a phone call about his book during his SNL rehearsals

Saturday Night Live

Cast your mind back to November 2015. The world seemed like a much better place back then.

Barack Obama was still the President, Brexit hadn't happened and David Bowie was still alive.

It was also the month that presidential candidate Donald Trump controversially hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Trump's appearance on the show was highly criticised at the time, as the show was ridiculed for giving Trump a high-profile platform to speak on and led to protests from civil rights groups.

It also wasn't at all funny.

Attention has shifted to the far more serious that Trump has been doing and saying since then.

However, stories still emerge from that infamous episode and Trump's antics during the production.

In a recent interview with Peter Rosenberg for Complex, SNL cast member Pete Davidson claimed that Trump once faked a phone call during a table read.

Davidson said:

He was like, weird all week. He faked a phone call during a table read.

Right as we started he was like 'Hello. Oh, fantastic. OK. Great.'

Then he hung up and said, 'Hey everybody my book just went number one.'

Everyone was like, 'That phone didn't ring.'

Watch the clip below.

First, we had fake news, now we apparently have fake phone calls. Whatever next?

Maybe Trump was just prepping for a bit improv because lord knows he is winging his current job at the moment, right?

Other tales about Trump from that episode have included him not wanting to take part in skits that didn't make a case of how 'great he was.'

There were also rumours that Trump struggled to read the script during rehearsals, which have fuelled conspiracy theories about the president being illiterate.

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