A paper used a picture of Alec Baldwin instead of Donald Trump and it was hilarious


Every week, Alec Baldwin uses Saturday Night Live (SNL) as a mouth piece for light-hearted criticism of Donald Trump.

The world, as we know it, definitely needs some added humour.

However, El Nacional, a Dominican Republic national newspaper took his impression of the US president a little too seriously.

In an article about Israeli settlements, the paper printed a photograph of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – alongside Alec Baldwin mid-Trump.

Picture:Picture: AP

The newspaper even captioned it 'Donald Trump, President'.

Picture:Picture: AP


Donald Trump isn’t what one would call a ‘fan’ of the series…

The paper claims it was an accident, and has apologised to both readers and “anyone affected”.

Picture:Picture: El Nacional/screengrab

The photograph of Baldwin had been sent to the newspaper with information about SNL, and somehow it was mixed up.


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