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You'd be forgiven for thinking that Donald Trump loves television. Before he was President he appeared on the airwaves regularly - both in his own shows and others.

In fact, he seems to get most of his information from the television, mainly tuning into Fox News's Fox and Friends show.

A report by the The Washington Postfrom July suggested that Mr Trump can often be found watching television in the White House dining room.

The Post also managed to calculate that over a period of two weeks at the start of July, there were 82.5 hours unaccounted for where Trump could have easily been watching the box.

Even telly addicts, who have watched every minute of Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Breaking Bad would agree that is maybe too much TV.

Despite these points, it would appear that Mr Trump is keen to play his viewing down.

Back in July he tweeted the following:

The topic of TV has reared its head once again after Trump discussed the subject while on a flight to Hanoi, Vietnam as part of his trip to Asia.

He claimed to not have enough time for TV, because he is too busy "reading documents."

CBS reporter Major Garrett tweeted out the quote:

Upworthy writer Parker Molloy noticed this and decided to share the numerous times over the past four months that Trump has tweeted about Fox and Friends topics... While Fox and Friends were discussing them live on the air.

Needless to say there were a lot of tweets.

Either Trump was watching Fox and Friends while tweeting, or they slip him the scripts each morning before broadcast.

People then tried to figure out what he meant when he was referring to "documents"...

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