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As we all know, Donald Trump has a problem with people who disagree with him - especially the media.

Even the slightest bit of criticism can trigger an almighty and over the top reaction from the President of the United States.

Accusations of fake news and further insults from his family and colleagues is not uncommon.

It's actually starting to become so repetitive that people are now able to construct charts to show how biased and critical Trump can be towards certain news outlets.

Step-forward Eric L Dubbs, aka @mypoophonked, who has crunched Trump's Twitter numbers and compiled them into four very handy charts.

Up first are the organisations that Trump has said complimentary things about on social media.

No prizes for guessing that Fox News comes out on top, by a landslide.

Picture:Picture: Imgur/ Eric L Dubbs

Next are the news services that Trump has tweeted negatively about. This one was almost too close to call.

Both NBC and CNN gave it a real good go, receiving 34 and 35 negative tweets respectively but it was the New York Times that narrowly pipped them to the post with 38.

Unsurprisingly, there is not one single negative tweet about Fox News.

Picture:Picture: Imgur/ Eric L Dubbs

Retweets aren't a huge part of Trump's Twitter repertoire and when he does do it is usually of memes from his supporters.

When it is from a news organisation it is almost always Fox News apart from a brief flirtation with the New York Times.

Picture:Picture: Imgur/ Eric L Dubbs

Now we move on to the old faithful Trump buzzword, 'Fake News,' a term he recently tried to take credit for, despite it being centuries old.

Plenty of outlets have been accused of fake news by Trump, from ABC to the Washington Post but head and tails above the rest is, of course, his arch nemesis CNN.

Once again, no fake news from Fox.

Picture:Picture: Imgur/ Eric L Dubbs

All of this information has been accumulated since Trump was inaugurated to the White House in January so who knows what these statistics would look like throughout his entire Twitter history.

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