Trump says that when he's writing about the USA he always capitalises 'country' and people are baffled

Jonathan Ernst/ Reuters/ Twitter

This might sound like an understatement but Donald Trump tweets some weird stuff but his latest tweet is exceptional even by his own high standards.

I mean it's really great the Trump was prepared to clear this up for us as we were honestly losing sleep about whether the word country should be spelled with a capital or a lower case 'c' (it definitely should be lower case but he's the president so what do we know?)

Anyway, people are very confused about why Trump felt the need to declare this and what exactly he his on about.

In doing this Trump basically set himself up for a string of jokes, which he's unlikely to lose sleep over but that doesn't stop them being funny.

Yet, when looking back through Trump's Twitter history this statement seems a little inconsistent.

In the past few months he's been fairly consistent in using the capital 'C'.

But in that same amount of time he has also used the lower case c, so goodness knows what's going on.

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