Someone made a Doom mod where you take photos of people’s NFTs instead of shooting zombies

Someone made a Doom mod where you take photos of people’s NFTs instead of shooting zombies

‘90s favourite video game Doom 2 has been given a modern twist - with a modification that allows users to ‘shoot’ NFTs with a camera rather than shooting zombies with guns.

With NFT’s, people can essentially own pieces of digital content without actually physically owning an item - and detractors often point to the fact that others can screenshot visual content which lessens the worth of ownership.

Now, in an ultimate NFT parody, the Doom mod gives gamers the chance to ‘shoot’ at popular NFT images, rather than zombies, through a modification of the original Doom 2 first-person shooter game.

A video screengrab of the mod made by UltraBoi being played was posted by gaming Twitter account id Tech.

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In it, the player is taking photos of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs – a collection of 10,000 images depicting apes with different characteristics – which throw bananas at the player. Each image snapped makes the value drop.

The strong feeling against NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, has been utilised to create a mod that pokes fun at the whole concept and it’s safe to say it’s been a big hit with the gaming community.

One person wrote: “BEST MOD I EVER SEEEN.”

Another declared: “It’s beautiful.”

Someone else said: “Lmfaoooo & I thought doom mods couldn’t get any better.”

Another person commented: “this is amazing LMAO NFT dudebros are gonna be so mad.”

Overall, it’s the perfect modern addition that breathes new life into an almost 30 year old game.

It’s also super-topical, as in the video gaming world the inclusion of NFTs has been hot-button topic, and recently the creators of Stalker 2 were forced to backtrack on plans to sell NFTs based on the game.

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