Dr Oz roasted for 'phony' grocery store shopping video

Here's how much Dr. Oz was paid for his 2-week 'Jeopardy!' host ...

Dr. Oz has caught a lot of heat lately for his cringe-worthy social media posts or stunts, and his latest campaign video is just as equally—if not more—of a mess.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is apparently now shopping for voters with a new campaign video shot in a Pennsylvania grocery store.

The new video shows the Pennsylvania Senate candidate walking through a grocery store complaining about the high prices. Of course, there is no one to blame but President Joe Biden for the surging supermarket prices, so says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz, who is a longtime New Jersey resident (and somehow running for office in Pennsylvania) says during the video: “I’m doing some grocery shopping, I’m at Wengers, and my wife wants some vegetables for crudités. Right?”

“So, here’s a broccoli. That’s two bucks, well, that’s a ton of broccoli there. There’s some asparagus. That’s $4. Carrots. That’s four more dollars. That’s $10 of vegetables there, and then we need some guacamole. That’s $4 more. She loves salsa, yeah, salsa there. $6? Must be a shortage of salsa. Guys, that’s $20 for crudite, and this doesn’t include the tequila. I mean, that’s outrageous."

And here comes the Biden slam (if you could even call it that)...

"We got Joe Biden to thank for this.

"Inflation is hurting American families. Under Joe Biden, gas prices are skyrocketing and food prices are rising. We must stop the reckless spending. This is outrageous! Thanks a lot, Joe," reads his tweet alongside the clip.

"Clearly you don’t know how to shop. I just got all the same stuff for ~$10. Don’t be lazy, make your own guac dude," read one tweet in response.

"I, too, have wondered who buys the $6 salsa from the produce section, since like 2015," read another one.

One tweet reads, "Won't anyone think of crudite platters, cruel world."

"No one eats these things together. No one. Not unless they drank all their tequila before shopping. Actually, not then even.Verdict: all whoopie, no pie," said another.

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