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Christmas and fantasy tend to go hand in hand. Whilst avoiding the obvious here, you can point to things like fairies and elves as examples of the season being a little farfetched in places.

Seemingly people have no trouble with that whatsoever but if you want to bring dragons into the equation then be prepared to face some wild accusations.

That's unfortunately what happened to Diana Rowland of South Louisiana who has been accused by her neighbours of belonging to a 'demonic cult' after erecting some pretty awesome looking inflatable dragons on her lawn.

Diana posted a picture of the dragons and the note on Twitter on Friday, where a neighbour said that the decorations were 'totally inappropriate at Christmas' and told her to 'consider removing the dragons.'

We're not going to say what you can and cannot put up at Christmas but we don't see much wrong with dragons (we've seen much worse) and they definitely aren't demonic.

Much like us, Diana was very confused to receive such a response and proposed that she introduce more dragons (how many dragons does she have?)

And introduce more dragons to the equation is exactly what she did, with added Christmas decorations just to avoid any problems and we have to say they look splendid.

Although the dragons aren't popular with her neighbours they are going down a treat on Twitter, where they have received a lot of support and love.

It appears that they aren't the only dragons, or large lizards, knocking about at Christmas either.

People loved Diana's dragons so much that they actually wanted to donate money so that she could have even more dragons, which was a nice suggestion but she had an even better idea.

We hope that this starts a trend and come December 2019, dragons are everywhere.

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