Driver takes up four spaces and is being mocked for his reasoning

Fabio Silva / Facebook

We've seen some shocking parking before but this is really taking the biscuit.

A driver in Spalding, Lincolnshire has gone viral after he took up four parking spaces to accommodate his white Seat.

However, the owner has claimed that he was only protecting his vehicle against other 'idiot drivers' who might scratch the car.

This brazen abuse of parking boundaries was posted on the Facebook group Spotted: Spalding.

A comment on the post seemed to suggest that this isn't the first time the driver had committed such an act.

In a shocking turn of events, Fabio Silva, who claims to be the owner of the car weighed into the debate and attacked other drivers.

Predictably people didn't sympathise with Fabio's explanation.

Some others did come to his defence.

One comment did suggest that Fabio might have posted the photo himself in order to attract attention.

indy100 has contacted Fabio for comment.

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