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If you often read and watch the news, you’ll be inundated with Brexit, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt’s Tory leadership showdown, Donald Trump… and the list of unsavoury news continues.

Which is why an adorable video of some ducks crossing the road has gone viral.

The Scottish city of Glasgow has restored people’s faith in humanity after its residents stopped traffic to allow a mama duck and her cute ducklings to cross the road.

This is the pure content your heart craves.

In the clip, uploaded by Mark and Emma Murphy before it was picked up by STV News, people have created a protective barrier against the oncoming traffic as the birds waddle across the road.

One lady even escorts them to make sure they cross safely as a bus driver waits patiently until they made their way.

At one point someone can be heard wondering if they’ll be OK “getting up that step", referring to the pavement.

Upon clambering out of the road, a cheer erupts from the bystanders, and the traffic resumes.

This is the kind of wholesome content people can get down with.

You're welcome.

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