A Lib Dem councillor who was travelling home on the Northern Line in London claims she was racially abused by two men and Twitter did it's thing.

Julia Ogiehor, who represents Muswell Hill at Haringey London Borough Council, was minding her business and listening to music on the tube when two unknown passengers allegedly started questioning her nationality and refusing to accept that she was from London. They also called her "uneducated".

Taking to Twitter, Ogiehor posted a picture of the two men, writing:

According to these vile pigs, I am not English or from this country and I'm uneducated. This was literally unprovoked. 

I was minding my business listening to my music and just going home.

But they really wanted to know where I was from and did not accept it when I said London.

Luckily four people on the same tube carriage, which was between Camden and East Finchley, came to her defense and eventually called the police.


Not only did people on the tube stick up for her, but soon enough the Twitterverse also stepped up. Comments underneath her tweet showed people picking apart the picture, looking for any clues on who these men might be.

People even went as far as analysing their T-shirt logos, doing an extensive Facebook search and emailing a golf club, of which one man apparently is a member of. One by one a display of true detective work played out.

Soon enough the identity of one of the men was found, although it is unclear whether more action has been taken. Ogiehor has yet to update on the situation.

Regardless, she later followed-up on her tweet, thanking everybody for their "detective work", proving just how strong the power of the internet can be.

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