In news that will make you want to sit in a darkened room and scream into a pillow, a Dunkin’ Donuts manager called the police on a customer after arguing over the company’s free Wifi policy. Yup, we warned you.

Tirza Wilbon White posted a video of a conversation with franchise owner Christina Cabral at Dunkin’ Donuts in Virginia. White had been visiting the store for the past two years, buying coffee and using the space to work on her laptop using the company’s free Wifi service.

She told Yahoo Lifestyle:

I had just sat down when a woman I had never seen before walked up and asked, ‘Are you going to buy coffee?'

I told her I planned on buying coffee after I got settled, but not if it were mandated.

According to White, the manager pointed at another black customer, saying that he had bought food before accessing the Wifi. This prompted White to ask if a nearby white customer was held to the same standard. When the owner began to walk away, White pressed her further to clarify the policy.

In one of three videos posted to Facebook, Cabral can be heard saying:

I get to make my own rules… I need to ensure safety to my customers.

It’s nothing against you. We’re just trying to make our customers feel safe.

After the argument, Cabral picks up the phone and, unbelievably, calls the police.

You’re offending me

Because I’m not your skin colour, you’re going to come at me that I’m racially profiling? I treat everyone the same… and now I am going to call the authorities because you’re recording me without telling me.

On Facebook, White wrote:

A franchise owner attempted to bully me.

She lied about corporate policy, attempted to force me to make a purchase to be in the store because she has a loitering problem.

She called the police to force me to leave when I told her she was profiling the gentleman and me. In her mind, I was the ‘people’ who loiter.

In reality, I was a customer in her store, until yesterday, and I have been for more than 2 years.

Crazily, when police arrived, they told her to leave the store.

Since the Facebook post went viral, White has been contacted by representatives from Dunkin’ Donuts who have apologised.

In a statement to NBC, they said:

We and our franchisees want every customer who walks into Dunkin' Donuts to be treated with dignity and respect. 

This did not happen in a situation in a restaurant in Fairfax, Virgnia. 

We have apologised to the customer but we know that is not enough. 

H/T: Yahoo

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