Millennials are just finding out Eddie Murphy had a music career and it’s making people feel really old

Eddie Murphy / YouTube

Eddie Murphy is no stranger to a microphone – and it’s not just when he’s doing stand-up comedy.

The Hollywood celebrity is best known for his acting roles in films like Coming to America, Dreamgirls,Dr Dolittle and Beverly Hills Cop.

But in amongst his film and TV roles, he released a string of music including the 1985 hit-single ‘Party All The Time’ and 1989 song ‘Put Your Mouth on Me’ – not to mention his (low key cringey) song ‘Whatzupwitu’ featuring Michael Jackson.

But it seems not everyone knew about his singing career.

The revelation was so shocking to some that “Eddie Murphy” was trending on Twitter in the United States, as videos of him singing circulated across social media.

It seems to have started making traction online when Twitter user @throwback_mr shared a clip from ‘Party All The Time’ on Friday:

At the time of writing, it’s received over 85,000 likes and more than 30,000 retweets (including quote tweets of people in disbelief).

As a result, it started trending:

But it was clear a lot of people didn’t know about Murphy’s singing career:

While others looked back fondly on playing Grand Theft Auto as a kid and hearing ‘Party All The Time’ playing in the background:

The fact that Murphy’s singing career was news to some made others who already knew about it feel very, very, very old:

Actor Jane Lynch confirmed it was indeed a thing that happened in the 80s:

Murphy’s singing career didn’t stop in the 80s though.

He sang in various animated films like Mulan and Shrek and even released a reggae song featuring Snoop Dogg in 2013 called ‘Red Light’.

He’s also reportedly working on a new album titled 9.

Murphy recently come under fire for comedy sets he wrote and performed in the 80s where he made fun of gay people.

He’s since said these jokes make him “cringe” when watching it back now.

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