When the EDL marched in Liverpool this woman lay down in their tracks

left: @ConnorDunn7/Twitter, right: @Becca_foster/Twitter screengrabs

This photo of a woman lying down in front of an English Defence League March has been shared as a symbol of the city's defiance.

The Liverpool demonstration was planned after the Westminster attack which took place 22 March 2017.

At Saturday's march, 'anti-fascists' and the league repeatedly clashed in the city centre.

According to counter-demonstrators who posted on social media, the one-woman protest soon swelled to a crowd as she was joined on the ground by more and more people.

Since it was first established in 2009, the EDL's support has been determined by the ebb and flow of current events.

Lacking any formal membership system, its potency is best measured in the number of attendees at rallies and demonstrations.

These tend to spike following terrorist attacks, but then decline in the months that follow.

According to the Sun protestors were heard singing John Lennon's 'Imagine', and later 'Another one bites the dust' by Queen, just as EDL marchers were taken into a van.

Merseyside Police stated that 12 arrests were made due to breaches of the Public Order Act.

The Liverpool Echo reports that 200 officers, 50 riot vans, and mounted police and police dogs were deployed to keep the EDL and counter-demonstrators apart.

The identity of the woman remains unknown.

HT The Sun, The Liverpool Echo

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