Eight things we learned from Ed Miliband on Marr

Eight things we learned from Ed Miliband on Marr

Ed Miliband appeared on the Andrew Marr show this morning, as the Labour party's annual conference gets under way. This is what we learned:

1. Labour want to raise the minimum wage to £8 per hour if they get into power.

"We've got to write the next chapter in the battle against low pay", Miliband said.

2. Miliband is "determined" to deliver on promises of devolution and constitutional change made during the campaign against Scottish Independence.

"No ifs, no buts."

3. But he is not clear on what that means for England yet.

Miliband said he backed greater "scrutiny" of England-only legislation by English MPs but stopped short of a pledge on votes. "We don't play fast and loose with our constitution", he said, adding there was no "simple answer". "We have been wrestling with this issue for 120 years, ever since we were talking about Irish home rule."

4. Cameron did not talk to Miliband about English votes for English laws before he made his statement outside Downing Street on Friday

5. Andrew Marr's impression of Gordon Brown is, frankly, terrifying.

6. Luckily we probably will not have to see it again as Miliband said Gordon Brown is "not going to come back to frontline politics".

However Miliband left the door open for the return of Alistair Darling, saying: "He’s a very, very strong member of Labour’s team, but he’s got to make his own decision."

7. Labour are 'deeply worried' about the NHS

"I am deeply worried about the NHS in the next Parliament", Miliband said.

8. He might be getting ahead of himself

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