Eight times extras had no idea what was going on in the movie

Picture: 20th Century Fox/YouTube
Picture: 20th Century Fox/YouTube

Sometimes the best scenes of a movie are the unintentional moments: the mistakes, the forgotten lines and the bloopers which show us that actors are human too (no matter what magazine covers may say).

On Sunday Reddit users got together and shared some of the funniest things they've lip-read in movies.

To that effect, indy100 decided to collate some of the funniest movie fails, courtesy of extras and people generally confused about their lives:

1. A model asking the cameraman if they were filming yet, for Sneakbo's The Wave

True story.

2. A breaking-the-fourth-wall speech in a parody Bruce Lee movie:

In the 1977 parody movie of Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon, The Kentucky Fried Movie, the movie, which is about Japan, has almost exclusively Korean actors.

In one scene, the villain gives a speech which isn’t supposed to mean anything because it’s dubbed. The speech is actually in Korean, and the actor is apologising to people for doing the role, but laments that Asian parts in Hollywood are scarce and sometimes you have to get what you can.

Given its paordy status, this was probably intentional, but it's still funny.

3. In The Room there's a woman talking to air in the background. Laughing with air. Nudging air when the fight starts.

4. Stormtrooper wacks his head walking through the doorway

In the 1977 Star Wars, Chapter IV you can see a Stormtrooper banging his head on the door.

The faux pas was made more obvious to viewers when George Lucas added a 'thud' sound affect in the Special Edition.

5. The little child who needs to be taken to the loo. Urgently.

In Back to the Future Part III Doc Brown introduces his family to Marty. His youngest son Verne however, really really needs to use the toilet. Watch him signal the crew at the back.

6. The extra who doesn't quite grasp the concept of sweeping

In James Bond's 007: Quantum of Solace the extra at the back is sweeping something, but it's certainly not the floor.

7. In 10 Things I Hate About You, this extra confuses the pitch for the nurse's office

Bianca shoots the teacher with an arrow, and a student is asked to get help. Said student runs a bit. Stops. Turns around and looks directly at the camera.

8. This extra in Teen Wolf who really has no idea what was going on

Check the person in the red jumper.

Here's wishing them all the best of luck in Hollywood. We wonder where they are now...

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